Roland S. Martin Daily Podcast 07.30.12: Roland Martin Details The Latest Developments In The Jackson Family Drama, Who Can Visit Katherine Jackson’s Home, Child Support Issues

Roland Martin details the latest developments in the Jackson family drama surrounding the custody of Michael Jackson’s children, who can visit Katherine Jackson’s home and all of the child support issues.

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  • deb

    I am really mad you called Paris out on her twitting- THAT STOPPED AS SOON AS THE CRISIS WAS OVER. She is not OUT OF CONTROL- nor to BLAME for being a scared child and using twitter to get help- when her family was mistreating her. The judge did not think she was over-reacting- or sensationalizing the situation- nor did her attrony, the estates attorneys or katherine attorneys- you and Galyds Knight need to do lunch and talk about the bad’ol days and how the manner in which africian american children are ‘disciplined” has worked so well for them.

  • deb

    however- I am glad to find your blog- I “favorites” it- I normally like you- but I ALAWYS LOVE YOUR SISTER- she is the bomb!

  • juneyny

    So the Estate paid back child support for Randy and Jermaine; how interesting!  No wonder these two now think they can get the estate to roll over.  I would surmise the Estate paid these sums as an accommodation to Mrs. Jackson who always looks out for all her kids.  Jermaine leaves his kids Jaafar and Jermajesty, with Mrs. Jackson regularly while he tours the world with his latest wife.  Randy’s deal with his former wife was that their kids could live with Mrs. Jackson until they turned 18; this was ten years ago; Michael was paying the mortgage on the Hayvenhurst home, so in truth Michael was paying Randy’s child support!  No wonder the man was in such distress!  They all “stood by him” at the 2005 trial, and most of them at Murray’s trial.  Are we to praise them for that?  They all owed their brother Michael more than they could ever pay back just by showing up in court.  Michael’s children became very wise in their short time with their Dad; they know the score in this “family”.

  • rachel

    so they have been using michael for all these years………no surprise there, he had the most talent so that meant the most money would be made by him………..its too bad bc they could have made money for themselves…..jermaine is a good singer………..but michael had “magic” if you saw him on stage, you didnt even notice anyone else there, thats how it was………

  • Eula Brown

    Gladys Knight made comments before she knew the facts. I thought Michael’s
    children acted approprietly. Its seems the siblings are out for what they can
    get. The children would have been more inclined to break something off for them if they weren’t so shady. They clearly have their own intrests front and center.