THE BIGGEST DAMNED LIE: Spokesman For Mitt Romney Says Pres. Obama Has The Worst Record On Jobs & The Economy

This week, a spokesman for Mitt Romney said Pres. Obama had, quote, “… the worst record on jobs and the economy of any president in modern history.”

Because if that’s the standard, any modern president has a worse record than Pres. Obama. The statement — folks, come on. That’s just a flat-out lie. So, we decided to check this out for ourselves by digging into some numbers on jobs, the stock market and corporate profits. First up, jobs. Let’s compare Pres. Obama to the last Republican president, George W. Bush. The economy lost 2,096,000 private-sector jobs during Pres. Bush’s first 40 months in office. Pres. Obama’s first 40 months in office, minus 65,000. Already: lie!

Let’s take the stock market. Under Pres. George W. Bush, in his first 40 months in office, the Dow Jones Industrial Average decreased by 4 percent. Under Pres. Obama, in his first 40 months in office, the Dow Jones increased by 51 percent. Lie!

So, then we looked at the growth of corporate profits under the two presidents.
Under Pres. George W. Bush, they rose a healthy 38 percent. But under Pres. Obama, they rose 62 percent.

So, when you hear folks from the Romney campaign say that Pres. Obama has “the worst record on jobs and the economy of any president in modern history,” you don’t need me to tell you that this is this week’s, and every week’s … BIGGEST DAMNED LIE!

  • ags4ever

    According to BLS index #CES0000000001, during Bush’s 96 months, a NET total of 1,080,000 seasonally adjusted, non-farm jobs were created. an average of

    Through August of 2012, 43 months into Obama’s administration, a NET LOSS of 261,000 jobs has occurred.. When Obama took office, a seasonally adjusted total of 133,561,000 people were employed full-time in non-farm jobs. In August, that seasonally-adjusted total was 133,300,000. So who is lying. More people were employed In Bush’s administration than so far in Obama’s

    Average monthly number of people (seasonally adjusted) employed full-time in non-farm jobs in George W. Bush’s administration was 133,481,3000. from February 2001, through January 2009. The average monthly number of people (seasonally adjusted) employed in non farm jobs since Obama’s inauguration is 131,023,000 from January 2009 through August 2012. Total employment in Bush’s administration never dropped below 129,820,000 (August 2003), and reached a maximum of 138,023,000 in January 2008. Total employment in Obama’s administration (February 2009 through August 2012) dropped to 129,244,000 (February 2010), and has never risen above 133,300,000 (August , 2012).

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