WASHINGTON WATCH: Roland Martin Talks With Chaka Khan At The Essence Music Festival (VIDEO)

Roland Martin talks with Chaka Khan at the Essence Music Festival.

MR. MARTIN:  What’s up, sexy thang?  How’re –

MS. CHAKA KHAN:  How’re you –

MR. MARTIN:  — you doin’?

MS. KHAN:  — doin’?  I’m fine.  Thank you.

MR. MARTIN:  Now, last time I saw you, we were doin’ the bump at the Apollo.

MS. KHAN:  Oh, we were.  Were we just!

MR. MARTIN:  [Chuckles.]

MS. KHAN:  That was – yeah, we were.

MR. MARTIN:  Well, we can’t wait to see you hit the stage –

WOMAN:  Seriously!

MR. MARTIN:  — and handle your business.  And so I’ll be right there on the third row, sayin’ – [dances] – “Get it, Chaka!  Get it!”

WOMAN:  Embarrassing us all.

MR. MARTIN:  [Chuckles.]

MS. KHAN:  [Crosstalk] – wit’ yo’ dancin’ self.

WOMAN:  Right?  Okay, you wanna – [crosstalk] –

MR. MARTIN:  All the – all the folks who –

WOMAN:  — he’s[?] right.

MR. MARTIN:  — all the folks who do my show – they always give us – who’re singers – give us a lil’ sump’n’ sump’n’.  So, just give –

MS. KHAN:  I –

MR. MARTIN:  — give us a lil’ sump’n’.  Just –

[MS. KHAN pivots, places a hand on A hip, displaying her trim figure, and vamps for the camera.]