WASHINGTON WATCH: What Carrer Opportunities Are Available For Women In The Military

Roland Martin talks with two-star general Gen. Marcia Anderson about the military’s stance on women and what are the opportunities afforded by the military as a career choice for women.

MR. MARTIN:  Hey, folks.  I am here with a trained killer.


MR. MARTIN:  See?  Everybody calls her a two-star general.  I’m like, “No.  She’s a killer!”  We’re here with – [chuckles] – Gen. Marsha Anderson, [a] two-star general.

Where does the military stand right now when it comes to minority women – in terms of percentages?  And what are the opportunities that [are] afforded by the military as a career for these women?

MAJ. GEN. ANDERSON:  Well, I’m in Army Reserve, and right now we have the highest percentage of minorities, period, out of all the services.  In terms of women, we’re around 20, 22 percent, which is actually higher than we exist in the general population, which is around 13 percent.  So, in terms of a career, it’s wide open; and I want to encourage more people to consider it, because one of the things I’ve been telling young people is, “If you are not” – “If you’re not the table, you’re on the menu.”  And so it’s important for them to engage at all levels.  Public service is important.  The military is important.  Being an entrepreneu- — -preneur is important.  We have to cross all sectors and all segments to be effective.