WATCH: Chicago Violence Claims Youngest Victim Of The Year; Officials Still Grappling For Answers

Source: OutFront / CNN

The deadly summer in Chicago has a new face: 7 year-old Heaven Sutton.

She was standing in front of her home, selling lemonade and candy on a hot afternoon last week, when she became the youngest person murdered this year in the Windy City, struck by a stray bullet.

So far this year Chicago has tallied 253 murders, compared to 193 in New York City, which is three times as large. The spike is also defying a national trend, as violent crime continues to decrease overall across the country. Community leaders and elected officials alike are scrambling to find solutions to stop the bloodshed.

So what is going on in Chicago? And what is being done to stop the violence? CNN’s Roland Martin has been calling for action from the beginning and is OutFront tonight.

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  • robjh1

    Let me see if I get this.  When blacks do wrong and the police attempt to apprehend them the police are wrong. When blacks are killed by other blacks the police are blamed for not doing their jobs. What?