Zimmerman Takes His Case Public, Releases YouTube Video Thanking Supporters

Source: Frances Robles / Miami Herald

George Zimmerman launched his own Internet site Wednesday night, saying his lawyer’s web page had failed in three key missions: disputing information, fundraising and providing a voice for him.

And a voice he’s offering: late Thursday, he posted a bilingual video of himself on YouTube, reaching out to supporters as news spread that his legal defense fund had been virtually depleted.

The new website went up just hours after he backed out of an interview with television personality Barbara Walters, because the network refused to pay for a month of hotel and security for Zimmerman’s wife. Then he called Walters to apologize — during her live TV show “The View.”

“He is desperate for money,” Walters said on the air. “He is very worried about his family and his wife and parents, and has gotten death threats. It’s hardly a good situation for anyone.”

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