145 Groups Join Fight To Educate Pennsylvania Voters On ID Law

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Source:  Zachary Roth / MSNBC

Since Wednesday’s court ruling, Pennsylvania’ controversial voter ID law, which could disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of predominantly Democratic voters, now looks more likely than not to be in place on Election Day. So Thursday night, The Ed Show looked at what voting rights groups are doing to help make sure everyone can cast a ballot.

It’s a huge challenge. Voters who lack an ID—estimated at as many as 758,000, or 9 percent of the state—need to assemble several types of docuemtnation including a birth certificate, then find time to get to the DMV in order to get an ID before the election.

Zach Stallberg of the Committee of 70, a Philadelphia-based good-government group, said as many as 145 organizations, including the NAACP, the ACLU, bar associations, and neighborhood groups, have come together to start work.

“We are runnig an aggressive, all-out drive to make sure that people know what they need,” Stallberg said. “We’re knocking on doors, we’re driving them to the transportation centers, we’re helping counsel them through the process.”

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