‘A Flat Out Lie’: Rev. Jackson Blasts NY Post Story Saying He’s Pushing One Son To Replace Jesse Jr. In Congress

By Roland S. Martin

The Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. angrily denounced as a “flat out lie” a New York Post story that stated he is prepping his son, Jonathan, to take over the congressional seat held by his son, Jesse Jr., who is hospitalized and being treated for depression.

The Post story quotes a source close to the Jackson family saying that Rev. Jackson isn’t thinking about the well being of his namesake. Instead, he’s focused on his legacy.

“It’s just wrong,” Rev. Jackson told RolandMartinReports.com. “It’s a flat out lie. It ain’t remotely true.”

Rev. Jackson and his wife, Jacqueline, recently returned from Minnesota where their son is being treated at the Mayo Clinic for depression and a stomach ailment. Rep. Jackson has been away from Congress since June 10 when his wife, Sandi, said he collapsed in their Washington, D.C. home, “debilitated” by depression.

Rev. Jackson said that Jonathan, a businessman and university professor, has never had the inclination to seek political office.

“The answer is the answer. It has no foundation. I’m focused totally on (Jesse Jr.’s) recovery and that’s the way it will remain,” Rev. Jackson said.

No word has been given when Rep. Jackson, a 17-year member of Congress, will be cleared by doctors to return to his congressional position.