African American Mormon And Republican Texas Delegate Shares His Thoughts On The GOP Convention, Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

Roland Martin talks with Allen Johnson, an African American Mormon who is also a Republican Texas delegate about the GOP Convention, differences between Romney and Pres. Obama as well as why he is supporting the Romney/Ryan presidential ticket.

  • Oh my good lord, what he says is almost opposite to what is happening. Sad. Or is it me?

  • he’s a dim-wit. i have to take Fred Sanford word you Big DUMMY!!!!

  • Can someone please help me understand what Allen Johnson said in the above video? He said that Mormons were against slavery and worked to end slavery in the USA, but didn’t the Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) believe that blacks were a devil race? So why word Mormon members work to free a race that they believe to be the devil? I am wrong in what I am thinking?

    • yes in the beginning of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints back during 1863….until 1978,,,yes also race mixing was an issue.
      you can find this(reading/history) also at Brigham Young university, The mormon tabernacle church in Salt Lake City, UT. I actually went on a tour and this was discussed on the tour. They have a place where you can also research family history.

      • So yes the mormons fought against to a certain point …however.
        Is this being taught to as part of history?

        In 1851, Apostle Orson Hyde said:

        We feel it to be our duty to define our position in
        relation to the subject of slavery. There are several in the Valley of
        the Salt Lake from the Southern States, who have their slaves with them.
        There is no law in Utah to authorize slavery, neither any to prohibit
        it. If the slave is disposed to leave his master, no power exists there,
        either legal or moral, that will prevent him. But if the slave chooses
        to remain with his master, none are allowed to interfere between the
        master and the slave. All the slaves that are there appear to be
        perfectly contented and satisfied. When a man in the Southern states
        embraces our faith, the Church says to him, if your slaves wish to
        remain with you, and to go with you, put them not away; but if they
        choose to leave you, or are not satisfied to remain with you, it is for
        you to sell them, or let them go free, as your own conscience may direct
        you. The Church, on this point, assumes not the responsibility to
        direct. The laws of the land recognize slavery, we do not wish to oppose
        the laws of the country. If there is sin in selling a slave, let the
        individual who sells him bear that sin, and not the Church.”

        So yes or no about owning slaves that came to the state of Utah? Can Mr. Johnson respond to this?

  • Change your diaper and get off the donkey nipple. The DNC has enslaved you
    for more than 75 years and what have you got for your loyal support?

    1. Poverty at or near the same level in 20 years

    2. Education for blacks are declining but on the rise for your black
    congressmen and women check out the schools they attend you might wish the no
    child left behind act was back in effect.

    3. Black wealth for the average black has dropped more than 20% except for
    the following freed slaves:

    Oprah Winfrey Jayz Beyonce and others we reveal as leaders in the black
    community speak democratic but vote GOP with their money do not get it

    In closing continue to blame others but blacks need to look no further to
    themselves you have been enslaved mentally.

    Stop making your black and white slave owners of the DNC rich. Finally the
    Kennedy the Kerrys and the Clintons and most of the blacks in the DNC are in the
    1% and trust me do not give a rat a– about you sorry.

    Blacks4Mitt 2012

  • Jp

    Allen Johnson did not answer a single question. If you really want to hear and see brainwashing and going no where, listen to Allen Johnson again. He is speaking like a true republican- Nothing!

    • Songbird

      I agree!!!!

  • Jp

    Zopai, why is it that black wealth is going down when others are going up. Poverty will never change. We will always have poverty as long as this world continues. The problem you do not realize, some people are always going to struggle whether for lack of education, training, and/or life in general. Not everyone, be they black, white, Asian, yellow, or any race has the ability, skill, and understanding to be better. They have to work at what they have and make the best. No Democrat or Republican will make this world a poverty free world. We as a people must help those who, even though they are trying their best, get a break in life. I am not saying a hand out but a supplement to those who can only get the minimum wage jobs.
    This is where Democrats and Republican differ. Democrats want to be wealthy but are willing to help those in need. Republicans believe I will get my wealth and if any is left after I increase my wealth maybe I will throw down a few pennies.

  • How on earth does a black person join a religion that teaches that blacks have black skin because they are being punished by God? How incredibly sad and pathetic. Educate yourself and spread the word, people!

  • Songbird

    This man can’t speak any clearer than the folks he is trying to vote for. He has belonging issues and does not know what he should be doing. He makes no sense like the people are are there to support. #epicfail