Chick-Fil-A Culture Clash (VIDEO)

Chick-fil-A supporters are eating at the chicken chain’s restaurants as the company continues to be criticized for an executive taking a public position against same-sex marriage. (Aug. 1)

  • The ” LGBT Liberation Front ” is turning into the ” Gestapo ” They want to ram their beliefs down everyones throats, Just like some other guy did in Germany. They want a new world order of the ” LGBT Movement ” Just who is their leader anyway? Some ” LGBT Commander ” is leading the troops, sending ” Agitators ” in every corner of society to disrupt every heterosexual way of life. To create a land risen from the ashes of, ” Sodom and Gomorrah ” the downfall of mankind, this way of life is going backward into the days of ” Caligula ” the Roman Emperor. and like ” Caligula ” this reign of terror, will one day sweep the land with hordes if the ” infidels ” and their soon to be warlike nature, splitting the country, apart. until their will be civil unrest, and sides will be chosen, armed camps, will be formed, and a fight to the death, will rule the cemetery plots throughout the land, as war breaks out, for a new world order….So we must stop them now, or face what is surely to come. We must drive them back into the sea, So the oceans of time can swallow the heathens to the depths, where no man roams but for the inhabitants of ” Sodom and Gomorrah ” So shall it be written, and let it be done.” the nerve of these people, disgusting