CNN: Romney Adviser Unsure When Romney Budget Would Balance

Source: Gregory Wallace / CNN

Mitt Romney’s senior adviser Ed Gillespie said Wednesday in a CNN interview that he did not know when his candidate would balance the federal budget, the day after Romney’s new vice presidential candidate, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, said the campaign had not yet “run the numbers.”

Romney, meanwhile, was on the campaign trail this week praising Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s understanding “that it’s government’s job to balance budgets” and saying his plan would “get us to a balanced budget faster than the plan [Ryan] originally put forward” – while providing few details about how he would balance the federal budget, which he said in June would be reached “within eight to 10 years.”

Obama’s most recent federal budget, released last spring, projects the deficit would be reduced over the next ten years, but does not forecast balance in that time.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the federal budget shortfall so far this fiscal year is $975 billion, according to a report released earlier this month – and that with two months remaining in the federal government’s fiscal year.

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