Coroner: Sherman Hemsley Died From Lung Cancer

Source:  Ann Oldenburg / USA Today

The El Paso Medical Examiner’s Office has determined that Sherman Hemsley, who was found dead in his El Paso home on July 24, suffered from “super vena cava syndrome.”

According to the report, published by TMZ, the syndrome was a result of lung cancer. The Jeffersons star had a “mass” on his lung.

Superior vena cava syndrome occurs when the superior vena cava — one of the body’s major veins — is obstructed, most commonly because of a cancer or tumor. The superior vena cava is responsible for returning blood to the heart that comes from the upper part of the body, according to the National Cancer Institute.

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  • This is so sad to hear, we need to get regular check ups people. 74yrs of age is still young.