DETROIT NEWS: Hundreds Dismissed From Kilpatrick Jury Pool, Most Say They Cannot Be Fair

Source: Robert Snell / The Detroit News

Detroit — More than half of the nearly 500 prospective jurors in the City Hall corruption case against Kwame Kilpatrick were dismissed Tuesday, most because they said they cannot be fair to the ex-mayor and his co-defendants.

The would-be jurors were unrestrained in voicing venom for Kilpatrick, calling him a crook, corrupt and a liar in written answers to a 25-page questionnaire. The form probed for prejudices and hardships that would prevent them from hearing a racketeering conspiracy case that starts Sept. 6 and could stretch into next year.

“He’s hurt the image of the city, which wasn’t great to begin with,” one female juror wrote.

In all, 477 jurors filled out questionnaires. A total of 252 jurors was dismissed — or nearly 53 percent.

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