Evelyn Lozada Releases Official Statement About Ochocinco Incident

Source: Lee Hernandez / The Huffington Post

On Saturday, Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson (AKA Chad Ochocinco) was arrested on a domestic violence charge, accused of head-butting his newlywed wife (“Basketball Wives” star) Evelyn Lozada during an argument in front of their home outside Miami.

Three days later, Evelyn has finally released an official statement about the incident.

“It is with great sadness and much trepidation that I release this statement addressing the domestic violence incident that happened this past Saturday,” the reality star wrote in an email via her publicist. “I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me, it is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles. Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well. I’m grateful to my family, friends and fans for the outpouring of support during this difficult time,” she wrote.

The official statement comes just one day after VH1 announced it was pulling Chad and Evelyn’s new reality show, “Ev and Ocho,” from its fall schedule (the reality series — a spin-off of “Basketball Wives,” — was slated to premiere on September 3rd).

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  • Kim C

    Take a stand? TAKE A STAND? Chile please!!! You didn’t take a stand when you were jumping across tables, throwing wine bottles, and hitting people upside their heads. Now all of a sudden, you want to be a “VOICE AGAINST VIOLENCE?” SMH …. I will not be taking a que from you … miss me with it!

    • Erica

      OKAYYY!!!! Prime example of “the pot calling the kettle black!” She is such a hypocrite! If she wants to take a stance to encourage other women, she should remove herself from the public eye bc there is nothing encouraging about her behavior thus far. Miss me too!

  • MzSharone

    He is not the ONLY one that needs help!!! YOU need it too Evelyn!! You reap what you sow Chickie!!!…lol.

  • orishaz

    This was a train wreck waiting to happen. All violence should be condemned and Evelyn has portrayed herself as one of the most ignorant, violent women on t.v. It looks like Jennifer was right about Chad when she went on that radio show. To use the words of Evelyn who’s the “non-muthaf*cking factor” now? Oh I guess that will be the Ev and Chad show. They both need anger management classes. She’s suffering from daddy issues and he has been an over-coddled jock who is near the end of his career and his best hope of playing football again will be with a team that will take a chance on a man who has made mistakes, especially if he humbles himself, and if he doesn’t wind up in jail for this incident.