Gas Prices Rise 13 Cents In A Week; Soar In Midwest

Source: USA Today

Gas prices rose dramatically in the past week, up 13.7 cents a gallon, with the Midwest being hit hardest.

The price of a gallon of regular averaged $3.645 a gallon nationally, up from $3.508 a week ago. Prices have risen now for five consecutive weeks from a low of $3.356 a gallon on July 2 in the Energy Information Administration’s weekly survey.

In the Midwest, prices jumped 25.7 cents a gallon during the week to $3.772 a gallon. Now, the Midwest has the highest gas prices among any of the regions in the continental U.S. except California, where a gallon of regular averaged $3.868 a gallon.

A big reason for the Midwest price run-up is a pipeline that’s out of service. It’s expected to restart in the next week, bringing down prices.

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