GOP House Candidate Mia Love Impresses RNC Crowd With Fiery Speech (VIDEO)

Source: Mediaite

Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love, a GOP candidate for Congress from Utah, took the stage at the Republican National Convention on Monday and delivered a fiery speech that was particularly well received by the Republicans in attendance. She slammed President Barack Obama and praised her background which she called “the American dream.”

  • purhoney

    Did you edit out the “fiery” part? She didn’t really say anything new. This is the same Republican speech we always get: Obama bad, Our America good. Only difference is it was done by a Black woman. I’m curious to find out how many Black women have spoken at their conventions before Barack Obama was elected.

  • Great speech! Doing your on thing off the DNC plantation #Hatersgonnahate
    Blacks4Mitt 2012

  • robjh1

    To bad the RNC didn’t give her a primetime spot. They should have had her speaking in Clint Eastwood’s slot.