Jonesboro Police Chief On Chavis Carter: Shooting Yourself While Handcuffed Is ‘Very Possible’ And ‘Quite Easy’

Source:  Carrie Healey / theGrio

Jonesboro, Arkansas police chief Michale Yates originally admitted that the alleged suicide of Chavis Carter while handcuffed in the back of a police car “defies logic.”  However, in a recent interview with CNN, Yates responded to a question as to whether it is even possible to shoot yourself while handcuffed by saying, “For the average person that’s never been in handcuffs, that’s never been around inmates and people in custody would react exactly the same way that you just did, about how can that be possible. Well the fact of it is, it’s very possible and it’s quite easy.”

Chavis Carter, 21, died from a gunshot wound to his head while handcuffed in the back of a police car. Jonesboro police officers Keith Baggett and Ron Marsh claim that even after having searched Carter twice for a weapon, the 21-year old was still able to pull out a concealed weapon and use it to commit suicide. The suspicious details of the case immediately raised questions as to whether Carter really shot himself, or did one of the officers pull the trigger?

Forensic expert Dr. Michael Baden weighed in with theGrio and said he had “never heard this happen.”

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  • Fordf250

    I would like to see the Police Chief demonstrate this on TV. I would like to see how a handcuffed suspect can retrieve a weapon that was not there and shoot himself in the head while hancuffed from behind. Show me how this happens and I might think it is possible. here is what I think happened. The suspect was probably pissing the cops off so one of them drew his weapon to show him who was in charge. He pointed it at him and there was an unintended discharge of that weapon. Now the cover up begins.

  • robjh1

    Stranger things have happened, but I will save judgment until the final report.