Loaded Language: Romney, Obama Camps Tangle Over VP Biden’s ‘Chains’ Comment (VIDEO)

Roland Martin, Ana Navarro and CNN’s Soledad O’Brien discuss Vice President Joe Biden’s recent comment about Republicans wanting to “put y’all in chains.”

  • I’m Latino, and Ana Navarro doesn’t speak for anyone I know. Where does CNN find these Republican minorities, and why would they give them a voice? They represent such a small demographic, it defies logic, and good ratings, for CNN to defer to the opinions of these exclusive subsets as representative of their respective ethnic backgrounds. When is CNN going to come to the realization that balanced, unbiased reporting doesn’t mean that you withhold truth for the sake of equal time. When Obama’s has it wrong, call him on it. When Republicans have it wrong, call them on it. If those events occurs in unequal proportions, so be it. But seeking a false equivalence serves no one, and it could prove ruinous to CNN’s ratings.