Most South African Miners Ignore Ultimatum

Source: AP / CBS News

MARIKANA, South Africa – Only 27 percent of workers answered an ultimatum to return for morning shifts Monday at a platinum mine where police shot and killed 34 striking workers last week, but Lonmin PLC said they were enough for it to resume operations that had been shut down for at least three days.

Meanwhile, women continued searching for loved ones missing in the violence that shocked South Africans. Some women protested in front of a court, demanding the release of husbands, brothers and sons among the 259 arrested miners expected to be charged with public violence.

Nombulelo Jali wept hysterically in front of the court and said she could not find her husband Themba Khalo Jali, 40, who she said police arrested on Thursday, the day of the shootings.

“We have frantically searched everywhere and we can’t locate him. Police took him,” 37-year-old Jali said through tears to the South African Press Association.

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