Officials: Hurricane Isaac’s Storm Surge Overtops Levee, Sends 12-Foot Flood Into La. Homes

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Source: NBC News

New Orleans’ levees and pumps were holding up to the rain and storm surge caused by Hurricane Isaac, but areas outside the defense network saw flooding, including an 18-mile stretch to the south where up to 12 feet of water invaded streets and homes.

Officials in Plaquemines Parish, where the surge overtopped an 8-foot levee, said Coast Guard personnel and others were in the process of rescuing two men stranded on top of one levee and others trapped in houses.

“We’ve got flooding, inundated four-to-nine feet on that side” of the levee, parish emergency management official Guy Laigast told the Weather Channel. “We’ve got homes that have been inundated. We have folks who are trapped in their residents.”

“It’s piling that water up on the east side of the Mississippi River,” he added. “All that water is ponding up in that area and that’s what’s causing the overtopping.”

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