Roland Martin Goes In On Artur Davis, Calls Him A Political Fraud; Says He Turned His Back On The People Who Elected Him

Roland Martin discusses Artur Davis’ address at the Republican National Convention, his voting record as a Democrat and political history.

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  • Truthfinder

    Roland is one of the few that take a piss standing up instead of sitting down, need more like him

  • wealthylady

    @Artur Davis The fate of the ‘house nigger’ once they are done you will still never be treated as their equal. Yes they will use you to accomplish their agenda. Then when you’re longer useful you will be hung just like the field nigger. The End

  • Kellyn

    Roland is just another left wing nut who believes that black conservatives should stay put on the Democratic plantation. It is, in fact, the dirtiest aspect of slavery: mind control. Arthur Davis and other black conservatives have broken free. Roland is still under the spell.

    • Surfisup

      Agree. And the Dems understand “mind control” very well. Too well.

    • truetransformer

      I don’t agree with most of the things that Roland says, most of the time! But, when Artur was in office, he voted democratic 95% of the time, he was NOT even a moderate democrat. He is not a black conservative, but an OPPORTUNIST! Michael Steel is a conservative. When Artur ran for governor in Alabama, he lost his own district. He could have stayed in Alabama and became a republican but the people of Alabama tolerated him for 8 years, figured him out and won’t support him because he is a joke. I hope his past follows him. He is not committed to any party, only his own agenda! This is not about race. I live in the south, ask the people of Alabama about Davis if you REALLY want to know the truth.

      • Frig444

        Nice try.

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    for more than 75 years and what have you got for your loyal support?

    1. Poverty at or near the same level in 20 years

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    In closing continue to blame others but blacks need to look no further to
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    Stop making your black and white slave owners of the DNC rich. Finally the
    Kennedy the Kerrys and the Clintons and most of the blacks in the DNC are in the
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    Blacks4Mitt 2012