Roland Martin To Obama Doc Director: Just Go Ahead And Say It, Its An Anti-Obama Film (VIDEO)

Roland Martin, Lenny Curry, Ryan Lizza, and CNN’s Soledad O’Brien talk with anti-Obama documentary writer/director Steve Bannon about his new film titled “The Hope and the Change”

  • Roland this is no laughing matter, and your presence on this stage at this point in the evolution of African Americans on television is not just to advertise your new line of ties, ascots, and monochrome shirts. Let the white pubdits laugh; make your point and stand by it. Of course there is no need to be mean spirited, however there is also no need to exude the notion that your are somehow not included (after all you are also an African American) in what the head of the RNC is supporting to the detriment of African Americans. President Obama’s failure to get a second term as president would be a shocking blow to the braintrust, psyche, faith, hope, political power, self esteem, and self-presentation of African Americans all over the world. If it should happen think of the sadness, and sense of lost opportunity all African Americans would feel and experience. The defeat of president Obama in November (God forbid) would be a jolt to the spirit of the majority of African Americans and mock my words if you will, but it would be no laughing matter.