Romney Aide Fehrnstrom Calls Obama Campaign Lower Than A ‘Champion Limbo Dancer’

Source: Philip Rucker / The Washington Post

BOSTON — One of Mitt Romney’s top campaign advisers lashed out at President Obama’s reelection campaign for what he called “ugly distortions and lies” that he said were tarring the office of the presidency.

Eric Fehrnstrom seized on a television advertisement released this week by the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA that suggests Romney is at fault for the death of a woman whose husband lost his job after Bain Capital took over his steel mill.

Briefing reporters at Romney campaign headquarters, Fehrnstrom said that though a super PAC released it, he held the Obama campaign responsible for the ad, which independent fact checkers have called irresponsible and over-the-top.

“I don’t think a world champion limbo dancer could get any lower than the Obama campaign right now,” Fehrnstrom said. “In the process, Obama has squandered what has always been one of his key attributes — that he was a different kind of politician who was going to take us to a better place.”

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