Samuel L. Jackson’s Upset That Isaac Is Targeting New Orleans Instead Of The GOP

Source: Hillary Busis / Entertainment Weekly

Samuel L. Jackson has had it with hurricanes on the Gulf Coast. The outspoken star took to his Twitter page yesterday to air his disappointment about Tropical Storm Isaac’s shift toward New Orleans — and away from Tampa Bay, home of this week’s Republican National Convention. And predictably, his words have rustled a few conservative feathers.

“Unfair Sh–: GOP spared by Issac [sic]! NOLA prolly F–ed Again! Not understanding God’s plan!” Jackson wrote Monday afternoon, without obscuring the expletives. The reaction was swift and hyperbole filled: “I’ve had it with these motherf–ing racist Democrats on this motherf–ing Twitter,” user @LastBrainLeft wrote, adding, “#killyourself.” Others echoed his sentiments, or were angry that Jackson would wish ill on an entire city simply because of a political event held there. Then again, hundreds of Twitter users also seemed to agree with the Oscar nominee’s message — the “unfair” tweet has been retweeted 983 times and marked as a favorite 236 times as of this morning.

Though Jackson’s characters aren’t exactly known for their forgiving nature, the actor did realize he had crossed a line half an hour after his Isaac tweet. “Daayum! Poked a Hornets nest, hunh?” he wrote after reading vitriol-filled responses. “Apologies to God, Tampa, da GOP& Isaac(sp)! Who played the Race card?!” Half an hour after that, he addressed the controversy again: “Whoooo! A lotta sh– stirred into a Bullsh– tweet! Politics & Religion get MUFREPUBLICANS heated!” At least he’s still being creative with his favorite expletive.

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