SHOWBIZ 411: Katherine Jackson Tells Court About Kidnapping: iPad Taken Away, Room Phone Disconnected

Source: Roger Friedman / Showbiz 411

Katherine Jackson had to file an affadavit today with Judge Mitchell Beckloff to explain why she left her three grandchildren without a guardian for 10 days. Mrs. Jackson was restored to co-guardianship with grandson TJ. But she also finally ‘fessed up to what happened to her on that trip to Arizona and it’s not pretty. Jackson tells the court that was supposed to go to New Mexico, but wound up in Tucson. When she got to Miraval Spa, her Ipad was taken away.The phone in her room was unplugged and her television had no picture.

“While there was a telephone in my room, the telephone was not functioning. and I could not dial out,” Mrs. Jackson writes of her stay at Miraval, a very expensive spa with phones in every room. This column was first to report that fact. Miraval may have to answer questions about how they let this go on. The TV didn’t work. An 82 year old woman was cut off from the outside world in their spa against her will. “Despite repeated requests,” she says, the television was never fixed.

Mrs. Jackson also states that she was never informed that Perry Sanders, her attorney, had flown to Tucson to see her. Janet and Jermaine Jackson, who met Sanders at Miraval, refused to let him in. They also told him that certain parts of the hotel had no phones. It was an elaborate lie by them to isolate their mother.

Mrs. Jackson says that she was kept from speaking to Paris, Prince, Blanket and TJ until the night before she left Tucson.

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  • Edwardhardy66

    Everything in Katherine’s sworn declaration is just what fans have been so disgusted about since this attempted take-over of Michael’s estate by his own siblings-Janet, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie. We have known about this since DAY ONE. Yet, the media, and public, especially OUR community have defended these people with their lies, deception and manipulation. A 14 year-old girl was the FIRST one to call these people out when she tweeted that the letter that Janet and Co. sent out contained the lie that Katherine had a “stroke”. This young girl and her brother, Prince became panicky that they had not talked to their grandmother for 11 days. Janet and her other siblings did EVERYTHING to silence Michael’s daughter and STILL this child and her brother prevailed despite the fact that people were calling this brave young girl every name in the book. This child even received threats from our community because she insisted on telling the truth and getting in touch with her grandmother. t was the tweet of Michael’s son, Prince, which blew the lid wide open on this scam and is when Janet and Co. realized that they were busted.

    However,you have people like Gladys Knight, who didn’t even have the facts, advocated “knocking this young girl’s teeth out, just because she QUESTIONED what was happening. I wonder how Gladys feels now that she has been defending people who have participated in fraud, deceit, attempted kidnapping, trying to forcibly keep children quiet, trying to forcibly take those kids to another location in order to silence them. Janet Jackson, a person worth purportedly 150 million dollars is the RING LEADER in this attempted coup. Yet, you have people in our community did everything to dismiss what she and her siblings did, People in our community turned this into a “race” thing because Randy Jackson pumped the tabloids with racist crap and OUR commentators fell for his bullshit. OUR community acted as if Michael’s daughter was “out of control” only because she challenged Janet Jackson and asked to speak to her grandmother. OUR community called this young girl every name in the book. OUR ocmmunity acted as if this young girl wasn’t “black” enough to be a Jackson. How does OUR community feel now that Katherine has confirmed what we, Michael Jackson fans, have said all along. Will there be an apology from people like Gladys Knight, of course not. She will be too embarrassed to go against the family that she so blindly defended. She and others like her will not have the COURAGE to admit that they were wrong about Michael’s daughter. Some will continue to defend what Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine and Randy did because you are in denial about these people. Some of you disgust and embarrass me and make me ashamed to be a part of our community because you immediately took the side of Janet and her family without even getting the facts.

    Even sadder is that you fell for the bullshit that Randy was spewing out that ALL of this is because of the estate. BULLSHIT! All of the things that have happened in the last two weeks is because Janet, Randy, Rebbie, and Jermaine perpetuated a PLOT to take guaradianship from Katherine by holding her “hostage”. These same people would have gotten away with this PLOT if a 14 year-old girl had not stepped in with her concern for her grandmother. People like Gladys Knighrt and a lot in our community would rather this be hushed up just so that the Jackson Family could get away with trying to take control of Michael’s estate for their OWN greed and nothing else.

    • I see none of the Janet fans are coming out right now to say anything. Interesting.

      • Edwardhardy66

        Of course not. There is nothing that they can say. Just as there is nothing that Janet can say. EVERYTHING that I have been saying about her involvement in this attempted take-over is TRUE. Janet knows that MJ fans have been right about this debacle since DAY ONE. Yet, these pathetic Janet stans and Jackson defenders will turn a blind eye to what these people have done/ These same defenders berated and attacked a 14 YEAR-OLD GIRL, only because these defenders don’t consider Michael’s daughter “black enough”. These defenders would ratheri defend a black family that are no better than common criminals on the street with the fiasco that they perpetuated. These are the people that Jackson defenders would rather look up too, dismiss any wrong doings, be in denial and continue to support ONLY because they are the Jacksons. What really hurts is that these defenders of what Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine and Rebbie did, did not even WANT to hear the truth. They turned deaf ears and blind eyes to everything that we said. It was not the media who started this plot to take over Michael’s money, it was JANET,JERMAINE, REBBIE and RANDY.

        The Janet stans will either cower and hide as she is doing and not say anything, or the stans and defenders of the Jacksons will continue to be blind, stupid and dumb.

  • Weisblum

    Be carefull !!!!!! Edward Hardy 66 has a vendetta with the Jacksons. He has spread his poisson on almost every possible occassion to comment. ( With a view to all issues concerning Michael and Michael´s family.) So don´t believe him. He is a politically incorrect person. And heavy troubled.