Study Says Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan A Boon For The Rich

Source:  Nate Willis / The Huffington Post

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s tax plan would decrease taxes on those making $1 million or more by an average of $250,000, according to a recent study by the left-wing Citizens for Tax Justice. The study also notes that individuals making $500,000 and above would receive a tax break of approximately $50,000 on average.

“If Romney kept his pledge to avoid increasing the deficit (aside from the enormous deficit increase resulting from the Bush tax cuts), then someone will have to face a net increase in their taxes,” the report says. “These figures demonstrate that the very rich won’t be the ones paying for Romney’s proposals.”

The Romney plan achieves tax cuts and revenue neutrality by undoing most tax credits and deductions enjoyed by the middle class, including: mortgage interest deductions, the child tax credit and the employer-based health care exclusion.

President Barack Obama nicknamed Romney’s tax plan “Romney Hood” in a speech earlier this month, saying that the plan would steal from the poor and give to the rich. It’s like “Robin Hood in reverse,” Obama said, according to the Associated Press.

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  • TJLB

    How is it possible that so many middle class ppl support this candidate?…..Oh yeah….Because they’d rather not benefit from a president than to have a black president. SMDH