The Most Ignorant Email Of The Day

Name: Mike C


Subject: The WORST WEBSITE in History


Mr. Martin,

Your website is probably one of the most racist one I’ve EVER seen

I sent you an email a while ago about your bullshit article on “American’s don’t need assault weapons.”

I cannot get over how fucked up you are. YOU are one of the MANY reasons why CNN is dropping like a rock.

You really don’t get it do you? Oh, have you and your master Obama had sex yet? Because ths is the direction you are going.
And when you have your orgy make sure you include Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton….that should be very interesting.

You are disgustng….not one person I know reads your shit. I do because it makes me laugh.

Obama’s gonna lose big-time on 6 Nov and there is nothing your fucked-up ass can do about it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Roland Martin’s response to

blah, blah, blah.

Trust me, I don’t care what you think about my website.

Roland S. Martin


Mike Chesser’s response to Roland Martin
From: “Mike Chesser” <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2012 11:33 AM
To: “” <>
Subject: Re: Comment: The WORST WEBSITE in History From Mike C


You know what the funny thing is….I am in Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. MANY of the civilians and military discuss politics. Guess what? Not ONE will vote for Obama….not one! But what is interesting is your racist website, which is the topic of discussion too.

Black’s, white’s, asian’s, latino’s all agree that you are the biggest buffoon and the number one reason CNN is tanking. I showed them your website and the first thing that EVERYONE noticed was how “black” it was.

Listen you moron fuck….DO NOT call yourself a journalist. You are a racist, Obama-loving freak who has no sense of right and wrong. Like that piece-of-shit article on the 2nd Amendment. Like you know the 2nd Amendment? You mimic everything Obama says and you dress like a clown.

I wonder what news station will pick you up after CNN closes shop, which is right around the corner.

It looks like Obama will have at least ONE vote come November.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..and yes you do care what people think of your website. Tell you what…what Foxnews……learn something and grow up!

Everyone is laughing at you…..and I mean EVERYONE. If you want to find out for yourself just come to Afghanistan!

Change professions Roland……it’s not too late!

  • Tamika

    Wow! The ignorance is absurd and comedic! Hahahahahahaha

  • Felicia

    I, for one, completely support you Mr. Martin. I will never understand why people have to resort to name calling and put downs just because they disagree with a person about something. Keep doing what you do best or as you call it, staying in your lane and you will continue to be blessed beyond measure. Much love to you sir!

  • He is what we in the military refer to as an ASS CLOWN! Everyone he knows agree with him because he hangs around in a group of 4 or 5 idiots like himself. He is an out cast and the Military needs to get rid of this clown

  • Inbreeding can be problematic…..

  • MJ

    Clearly a racist and idiot and hater. He might need a psych eval. Please send this to his superiors and please sue him for liable. Clearly he has no clue regarding your background, education or influence. CNN has nothing to
    To fear and neither do you.

  • Clearly he is in the service, its clearly stated he is government property, and cannot talk like this to anyone, not even about the potus, his freedom of speech was gone when he signed on the dotted line, so Roland, domthe freak a favor, show him your skill and report this kkk klown to his higher ups so he can get busted down, peel some potatoes and onions, get some extra duty and reduction in rank, only then will he understand the consequenses of diarrehea of the mouth!

  • CB49

    ..and this maniac carries a loaded weapon in another country and supposedly represents America in Afghanistan? No wonder they think Americans are rabid dogs. He needs to be pulled from ranks, gun removed, uniform confiscated, and put under psych eval.

  • dgw0967

    I just emailed that fool. Keep doing what you do my brother. Much respect and love. Rev. Darryl

  • ptw

    Briliiant to call out a racist who sends ignorant emails. I bet he wasn’t expecting to end up on your website!

  • wealthylady

    Can I tell him to KMA on your behalf? Obviously he is one more deranged, mangy Maggot POS!

  • wealthylady

    Sorry I couldn’t wait for permssion, This is a sick, evil wait of space!

  • Pat J

    Roland you are a wonderful commentator and journalist. I watch your show Washington Watch and I listen to you on CNN.

  • for those idiots talking the junk to my Man Roland, let me say it for him since he can’t Kiss where the sun don’t shine.!!!!!!! forgot the klan put down the robs an put on Kamo an regular cloths so y’all can just blend in. but when you open your racist mouth you let folks know who you are.

  • chuck

    An objective critical comment about just 1 negative comment you made this evening about Gov. Rommey’s speech. Your comment about Apple making all its’ products in China.
    If you were have as smart as you think you are, you might have understood Rommey’s point. He used Steve Jobs as an excellent example of the genius unleashed in America. Jobs was a genius who created many excellent and successful products. It doesn’t matter whether they are made in China. That’s not relevent. What is relevent is that through 1 man’s genius w/o government help(you know Roland = He really did build(design) it he also created a company that employs 100s of thousands of U.S. employees with outstanding salaries(>$10B/yr.). That’s what Rommey was stating.
    My only question about your comment is whether you made it out of ignorance or whether it was made just to repeat the party line that jobs are being shipped over seas. Another topic and understanding probably above your salary grade.
    As your website states, you are a political contributor. Political is an appropriate adjective. Contirbutor not so much. At least, not in the private sector where your value would not justify your employment for very long. Your mother must really be proud of you. chuck in Ga.

  • Cassius

    Roland, I want to discuss what is actually going on in America. Central banking, conspiracy in the country, wiki leak and the assassination attempt on the owner life by the Clinton. The royal blood descendants that could only become commander in chief, the federal reserve scam, taxes while people still in poverty level. We are living in an illusion and only few people told the truth. George Carlin exposed the government, Matt will exposed it. It make me think that blacks that have platforms representing who because they aren’t representing blacks. The media need to exposed the financal system. It seems that people are hiding from the truth.