theGrio: Gabby Douglas Tells Oprah About Bullying, Being Called ‘Slave’ By Fellow Gymnast

Source: theGrio

In her highly-anticipated sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s Next Chapter, Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas spoke candidly about the bullying, taunts and racism she endured from her fellow gymnasts on her historic rise to the top.

She says that the she experienced the most disrespect at her hometown gym in Virginia, where she alleges that another girl once quipped that Douglas was her “slave.”

“I definitely felt isolated. I felt, why am I deserving this?” said Douglas. “Is it because I’m black? Like, those thoughts would go through my mind.”

The unpleasant atmosphere in Virginia forced Douglas to relocate to Iowa, where her career really began to take off.

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  • I’m so Glad you decided to move from those Raciest Ask Folks in Virginia!Look at you Now!Getting yo Shine On,All day Long!!Congrats….you can look back on this now and say,”That is the Best Damn Move i ever Made”Already….

  • The first thing Gabby and her Mother needs to learn is to stop being manipulated by people like ” Oprah Winfrey ” and other talk show interviewers, who prod them with questions, that could change how they are perceived by the ever changing fickle media. once they start giving into demands of these ” Ratings seekers ” who smile in her faced for a segment or two on their show, and get her to literally put her foot in her own mouth, ” She will fade faster in the limelight, quicker than, ” Flying off of the uneven bars and making a bad landing ” She’s just a kid, People like ” Oprah ” don’t have the discipline to stay away from a ” Bag of potato chips ” But as selfish as she is, Her prying questions, to get this kid to put her ” Own foot in her month ” could be just the straw to knock ” Gabby off of the ” Balance Beam ” she’s own now..Gabby just shut up and smile, and say nothing bad about anyone, the media can tear you apart kicker than a failed Landing, then them gold medals will mean nothing, if you continue to let interviewers smile in your face and you comply to their hurtful questions that will surely, diminish, your 15minutes of fame. Gabby, if you want your flickering light to continue to shine, you have to say away from ” Blowing wind like Oprah, Ellen, Matt Lauer, etc ” You didn’t need their shows to get where you are and you surely don’t need their manipulative banter to knock you out of the few minutes of fame you have left. The media will scrutinize every thing these people get you to say. Because your own words will come back to haunt you, and these ” Blow hards like Oprah, will be interviewing, someone else. ”

  • Be smart Gabby and I hope your Mother is listening, Write your own ” Book about your rise to your Gold medals ” in your own time when you are older and don’t let other people, ” Rain on your parade ” now get to work for the next ” Olympics ” fame is fleeting…By writing a book , you’d be doing it your way and making money, too. stop giving away this information for free, Capitalize on your own story, by telling it yourself. after the next Olympics.