theGrio: Usain Bolt Heckler Throws Bottle; Gets Slapped By Judo Star

Source: theGrio

A vending machine worker from Leeds, England was arrested during the Olympics for throwing a bottle into the arena not long after heckling Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. He was grabbed by security but not until after he was slapped by Dutch judo competitor, Edith Bosch.

Moments before the race started, Ashley Gill-Webb, 34, appears to shout “Oi. You’re not going to win,” as well as other insults, according to bystanders.

The Daily Mail reports that Bolt was unaware of the incident. “No, I keep hearing that. I don’t know who would have done that,” he reportedly said. Right as the race was about to begin, Gill allegedly threw a plastic bottle onto the track behind the start line, narrowly missing the athletes.

Edith Bosch, 32, a  judo medalist for The Netherlands, was standing nearby when the bottle was thrown, and she was not amused. She is said to have slapped the man just before he was grabbed by security.

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