VH1 Cancels Chad Johnson Reality Show

Source:  Brian Stelter / The New York Times

The Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson’s arrest on a domestic violence charge has caused the cable channel VH1 to shelve his reality show, “Ev & Ocho.”

The show was to feature Mr. Johnson, previously known as Chad Ochocinco, and his new wife, Evelyn Lozada, who was a star of the VH1 series “Basketball Wives.” (She was previously engaged to the basketball player Antoine Walker.) Eleven episodes about the couple’s engagement and wedding were taped this year, including a two-part season finale. The first episode was scheduled to be shown on VH1 on Sept. 3.

But Mr. Johnson is now in the news after being accused of head-butting Ms. Lozada during an argument on Saturday night, at a time when the channel’s cameras were not present. His contract with the Dolphins was terminated the next day.

And his show was put into limbo on Monday, according to a spokesman for VH1. The channel said in a statement that it was pulling “Ev & Ocho” from its schedule because of “unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations.” VH1 “has no current plans of airing it,” the statement added.

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  • mflowers

    They should have bought your wife’s book!!!

  • huh

    Since when has Vh1 developed a since of conscious?

  • PCake

    VH1, hypocrites you allow Evelyn to be abusive and violent in every episode she is in, so she got head butted maybe it knocked some sense in her.