CBS NEWS: Federal Authorities Question Man Who May Be Anti-Muslim Filmmaker (VIDEO)

Source: CBS News

LOS ANGELES – The filmmaker who may be behind the anti-Islamic movie that sparked widespread protests in the Muslim world against the U.S., some of which turned violent, was escorted from his Cerritos, Calif., home shortly after midnight local time Saturday by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies.

CBS station KCBS video showed Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, with a hat on and towel around his face, and wearing winter jacket in the L.A. summer heat, being escorted from the suburban L.A. house.

Nakoula, a self-described Coptic Christian, is thought to be the filmmaker behind “Innocence of Muslims.”

The Sheriff’s Department told KCBS it is assisting federal authorities with an investigation they’re conducting, for questioning on a possible violation of his parole.

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