FAMU Says It’s Not Responsible For Drum Major’s Hazing Death


Source: CNN

Florida A&M University has asked a judge to drop a lawsuit against it, saying the school bears no responsibility for the hazing death of a drum major last year.

Robert Champion, 26, was well aware of what he was getting into and participated in a hazing ritual despite school rules against it, the university says in court documents filed Monday evening.

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Champion watched or at least heard two other students — one female, one male — undergoing hazing on a bus before he did, and there is “no allegation or evidence” that he attempted to stop the process before being hazed himself, the motion says.

“Instead, Mr. Champion allowed himself to be subjected to an act of hazing known as a ‘hot seat,’ during which he allowed his adult body to be deprived of oxygen, punched, kicked and hit with objects,” the court documents say.

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