MEDIAITE: Keith Olbermann’s Hilarious ‘Special Comment’ On Romney Hidden Video Crisis (VIDEO)

Source: Tommy Christopher / Mediaite

For all of those Countdown fans who have been jonesing for a Keith Olbermann fix, your wait is over. The former Current TV and MSNBC host came out of retirement Monday night to issue one of his patented Special Comments on beleaguered Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s hidden video woes. Olbermann’s video works on several levels (kinda like Mitt’s car elevator), but thereally special comment came later, in response to taunts from right-wing media favorite Dana Loesch.

There was a great gag on Scrubs in which the main characters met up with Chuck Woolery, who informed them that Love Connection was never canceled, but that he continues to host the show in neighbors’ basements. On Monday night, Keith Olbermann made that joke a reality, taking his old Special Comment segment out of mothballs to ridicule Mitt Romney over a hidden camera video that had Romney doing late-night damage control.

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