MEDIAITE: Matt Lauer Challenges Ryan To Defend Accuracy Of His RNC Speech On Today (VIDEO)

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Source: Andrew Kirell /  Mediaite

Appearing on the Today Show Tuesday morning, Republican vice presidential candidatePaul Ryan attempted to defend the accuracy of his RNC speech from last week in a tough interview with host Matt Lauer.

  • Huh

    The Senate hasn’t passed a budget because the Republicans won’t allow it. It isn’t that he hasn’t tried. No one says he hasn’t tried, just that there hasn’t been one passed. Such a play with words. “We are going to have a debt crisis soon if we don’t fix it.” Did I miss something? We had a debt crisis before Obama was put in office. Tax cuts aren’t going to cut it. Every Republican before has tried it, and it fails every time. I wish someone could tell me which President, D or R, previously has kept 100% of their promises, passed every bill they proposed, or prevented anything negative from happening while they were in office. Paul Ryan seemed super dry mouthed too when Matt asked him questions. Nervous much?