MEDIAITE: Obama Has 3 Ways To Win Florida, And They All Look Good

Source: John S. Wilson / Mediaite

In a tough election race there are uphill battles, then there are avalanches. Mitt Romney faces the latter in his quest to win should he lose the swing state of Florida. Ethnically diverse and fast-growing, Florida packs 29 electoral votes, the fourth-highest in the nation (tied with New York).

It’s long been said that “as the I-4 corridor goes, so goes Florida.” That’s as true today as it was years ago. The 132-mile Interstate 4 stretches from Tampa to Daytona Beach and touches 40 percent of the state’s registered voters, roughly four out of five who are Democrats or Republicans. “I always think of Central Florida — the I-4 corridor — as the tipping point of the state,” said Aubrey Jewitt, a political science professor at the University of Central Florida.

Here’s what Mr. Romney is up against should he lose Florida. Let’s say he wins North Carolina, Virginia, and Colorado (although he’s tied in the latter two) — Romney could choose a couple of paths to victory, none of which is enviable: win Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. All states he is currently trailing in and if he won would only provide 26 electoral votes instead of Florida’s 29, or win Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. Again, another trio of states Mr. Romney is trailing in.

(1) Decisively win Latino voters

(2) Independent voters

(3) Close gap with older voters

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