Paul Ryan, Romney Campaign Stumble Over Questions About Which Tax Loopholes They’d Close

Source:  Sabrina Siddiqui / The Huffington Post

Mitt Romney’s campaign continued its trend Monday of refusing to specify which tax loopholes he and running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) would close if elected, on the same day the campaign vowed to “reinforce more specifics” regarding what a Romney presidency would look like.

The Republican presidential nominee sought to refocus the debate on the economy with the release of two new ads on Monday, after his campaign spent much of last week trying to mitigate the criticism he incited when he condemned President Barack Obama’s handling of attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya.

According to campaign aides, the new push will include a series of speeches aimed at laying out more detailed plans for a Romney-Ryan administration. Romney will focus on job creation, energy independence and reducing the deficit, while Ryan will highlight plans to deal with the debt and deficit.

But the specifics stop short when it comes to answering the looming tax loophole question, based on a new interview with Ryan released late Sunday night and a Romney campaign conference call held Monday morning to discuss the state of the race.

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