ROLAND S. MARTIN: ‘Walk Into Your Season’

By Roland S. Martin

The following is a list of tweets I fired off last night as I thought about changes in facets of our lives. We call them seasons, and I just wanted to share with my Facebook and Twitter family what the Holy Spirit had shared with me. Enjoy!


The beauty of spiritual discernment and allowing God to lead in your life allows you to see folks for who they truly are and to guide you

I love to sit back & watch things unfold. Folks think they are trying to pull a fast one on you but God allows you to see it before they do!

I remember going into a room when I was about to be laid off & saying, OK, how long is this gonna take? I spent a year planning for that day

Most people don’t prepare for their future. They allow someone else’s decision to dictate their future. I believe God will set the path

A discussion tonight with a friend reminded me of that moment. If u listen for God’s voice, u will be shown who is with u & who is against u

I’ve turned down some opportunities because God revealed what was on the other side of that wall. I thought it looked good; He knew better!

Who saw the movie “Searching for Bobby Fischer”? Remember the scene when Ben Kingsley knocked all of the pieces on the floor? Why?

It’s because he wanted Josh to see the moves on the board with no pieces. He had to trust what was inside of him & not just what he saw

I’m here to attest that’s how God moves. He sees what they can’t see. When you’re in tune w/Him, u also see. They check u. U checkmate them!

When you see the moves on the blank chessboard, all u have to do is smile & your opponent will be confused. You’ll win & they won’t know it!

So if you see me smiling a lot, it’s because I’ve seen the enemy; I know their motives; and I’m moving pieces and they don’t even know it!

See, the moment I’m living & working in isn’t new. I saw this years ago. I prepared for it years ago. That’s why I can stay peaceful & calm.

Habbakuk 2:1-3 talks about writing the vision down and making it plain. But also waiting on the revelation. I’ve lived that for years!

I love it when someone says “I’m your biggest fan” but in truth, is your biggest adversary. So “who is in your circle?” is vitally important

This was something we discussed this weekend at ?#AllstateTJFR. I just get a kick out of people who think you can’t see their motives!

Fam, for months, I had a @DonaldLawrence CD, and only listened to one song. I was having a spiritual battle, until I pressed a wrong button

I was in the car and came up on ?@donaldlawrence‘s “Seasons.” I sat in that car and was stunned as the lyrics just leapt into my soul.

You can read them at ? . Listen to the song “Seasons” at?  The words… ? 

I sat in that car stunned that I had never listened to the song. God told me, “Now is the time.” It would not have had same impact before.

Too many of us don’t get it when we hear “walk into your season.” Seasons are meant to end. Yet we want to hold onto them out of fear

The key is not to worry about a season ending. The key is being spiritually, emotionally, physically prepared for the new season!

Take the time to read the lyrics to “Seasons” and listen to the song. Meditate on that and tell me what was placed on your heart.

I believe some of u may be liberated and unburdened if you do. Trust me, as each day go by, I shed more & more to prepare for a new season!

And fam, don’t worry about me. I’m good. When the Holy Spirit reveals it, I tweet it to you. I hope someone is blessed & encouraged by this!

If these tweets are speaking to your spirit, listen to these @donaldlawrence worship songs: “Seasons” “Restoring The Years” and “Bless Me”

Play these songs to usher in your worship/meditative experience. Not only will they put you at ease/peace, but provide clarity as well!

  • Great article and what you have stated is so true. Habbakuk 2:1-3, is one of my favorite scriptures I have meditated on. You’re also right about the song “Seasons, by: @DonaldLawrence”, it is a wonderful worship song. If you’re seeking God, meditating on his Word and listening to “Seasons” will definitely usher you into the presence of God. But, you must truly be seeking the Lord, in order for the Holy Spirit to give you revelation, deliver you from whatever situation or bondage you’re dealing with. He will also show up and show out in many ways that will blow your mind. It’s a big difference; because without the anointing of the Holy Ghost, it’s just as if you’re only singing and not worshiping the one and only true God, Jesus Christ.

    There is a “Season” for everything; a season to sow a seed, a season to reap a harvest, a season to live and a season to die. As you stated, seasons aren’t forever.

    Never make permanent decisions for temporary feelings. Remember the
    word of God says in, John 4:24 – God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him, in spirit and in truth.

  • Zulma Morales

    Beautiful, uplifting song. Truly needed to hear at this time. Thank you!