Somalia’s New President Survives Attack By 2 Suicide Bombers At His Hotel

Source: AP / The Washington Post

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Somalia’s new president survived an assassination attempt on his second day in office when two suicide bombers blew themselves up Wednesday while trying to gain access into a heavily guarded hotel that is his temporary residence, officials and witnesses said.

The attack highlights the challenge that insecurity caused by an Islamist insurgency poses to Somalia’s fledgling government, which is expected to help transform the east African country from being a failed state to one with functioning government.

The African Union Mission for Somalia said one of its soldiers was killed when the two suicide attackers attempted to penetrate the Jazeera Hotel where the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Kenya’s foreign minister were giving a news conference. Three soldiers were wounded in the blast.

The two suicide bombers set off explosions after they were shot by soldiers guarding the Jazeera Hotel, while another was intercepted and shot dead as he attempted to scale the walls of the hotel’s compound, the African Union Mission for Somalia, known as Amisom, said in a statement.

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