Ted Kennedy DNC Video Mocks Mitt Romney With Old Footage

Source: Christina Wilkie / The Huffington Post

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In a politically savvy move, Democrats on Tuesday used clips from Mitt Rommey’s losing 1994 campaign for Senate against the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) in a moving video tribute to Kennedy, who served nearly five decades in the Senate.

Clips shown during the first night of the Democratic National Convention included Romney’s now infamous reiteration of his pro-choice position, in which he assured voters, “You will not see me wavering on that.” More recently, as he pursued national office, Romney has reversed himself on abortion rights, and is now firmly anti-abortion.

The video, filled with many of Kennedy’s most memorable speeches and political moments, also portrayed President Barack Obama as the spiritual successor to the man known as the “Lion of the Senate,” and effectively contrasted Romney with Obama and Kennedy.

The tribute to Kennedy, part of the first formal night of the convention, was especially meaningful to those Democrats who remembered Kennedy’s 1980 Democratic convention speech — widely considered one of the greatest convention speeches ever — as well as the senator’s final 2008 appearance, as he was dying of brain cancer, during which he called universal healthcare “the cause of my life.” Clips of both speeches appeared in the video tribute.

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