THE BIGGEST DAMNED LIE: Roland Martin Fact Checks Artur Davis (VIDEO)

You may have seen Roland Martin on CNN this week, or heard him on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” checking former Alabama congressman Artur Davis. Davis, who spoke for Sen. Barack Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, seconding his nomination, spoke this past week against the President at the Republican convention.

Roland has said over and over and over again that Davis is a sore loser and a political fraud. He’s also a liar.

As New Jersey governor Chris Christie was being criticized on CNN and other networks for barely mentioning Mitt Romney in his keynote address, we were in the booth at CNN after Roland grilled Davis with others and, off camera, Davis leaned over to CNN colleague Alex Castellanos, and said, “You know, Barack Obama only mentioned John Kerry once in his keynote address in 2004.”

Of course, that was the speech where then state senator Obama gave the keynote address to the Democratic convention.

Well, guess what? That’s simply not true. So, we went back and listened to the speech. Here’s what really happened …