Top Romney Staffer Denies Campaign Disarray

Source: David Muir / ABC News

A top strategist for Mitt Romney confirmed Sunday night that “speeches go through lots of processes and editing” after Politico first reported there were competing versions of Romney’s Tampa, Fla., convention speech.  The speech Romney ultimately delivered was criticized for failing to mention Afghanistan.

Stuart Stevens has been one of Romney’s closest advisers and is the person – besides Romney – most responsible for many aspects of the  campaign’s direction and message.

Much of Romney’s inner circle has been with the former Massachusetts governor for years. Stevens, who has had side trips as an author and auteur, worked for both Bush campaigns and Romney in 2008. He oversees speech-writing and ads for the campaign.

A detailed report in Politico Sunday also painted Stevens as the subject of frustration among Romney staffers after the candidate failed to receive much of a bounce in polls after his convention. Some conservatives outside the campaign, including columnists like George Will and radio-show hosts like Laura Ingraham, have questioned the direction of the campaign and its larger message, crafted by Stevens.

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