Victims In La Puente High Sexual Hazing Say There Are More Attackers

Source: Los Angeles Times

Two boys among several students allegedly attacked as part of a soccer team hazing ritual that involved sexual assault at La Puente High School said they were grabbed in a storage room by as many as 10 older team players and assaulted.

The boys, whose identities and voices were altered, appeared Monday night on Headline News withDr. Drew Pinsky. One said he was sodomized with a pole; the other said he fought off his attackers. They said that they were attacked by more than the four students who were arrested on suspicion of assault last week.

A coach, who was not named, has been placed on administrative leave.

One boy told host Pinsky that he went to the storage room where they keep soccer equipment and was jumped by 10 players. They asked, “Do you want it the easy way or hard way?” the boy said. He said he tried to run, but was grabbed and sexually assaulted.

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