WASHINGTON WATCH: Black Republicans On How The GOP Can Reach More African Americans (VIDEO)

While Roland Martin was in Tampa this week, he was on the lookout for some Black Republicans. Yes, they do exist, and he found three, who explained why there were there and how the Republican Party can do more to reach out to African-Americans. It’s a great chance to hear from real Black Republicans in their own words.

MR. MARTIN:  While I was in Tampa this week, I was on the lookout for some Black Republicans.  Yes, they do exist, and I found three, who told me why they were there and how the Republican Party can do more to reach out to African-Americans.  It’s a great chance to hear from real Black Republicans in their own words.


MS. RENEE AMOORE:  This is my fifth convention, and I’ve heard it all the time. It’s like, “You’re really a Black Republican?”  “You’re really the chair of the Republican state party in Pennsylvania?”


MR. RUFUS MONTGOMERY:  I came out of Georgia at the district level for the convention in New York back in 2004.  Also in 2008, from[?] – [unintelligible] – an at-large delegate from Georgia, and then this time as an at-large alternate from Georgia.

DR. FREDA McKISSICK BUSH:  This is my second convention, and I’m a proud Republican because of the values that they have that coincide with the values that I was raised with.


MR. MONTGOMERY:  Education is a huge deal in our communities.  We know it’s a – you know, it – it’s a big argument, but let’s look at choice.  Mitt Romney promotes choice.  He believes that people should not be trapped – or, kids should not be trapped in failing schools.

MS. AMOORE:  First of all, I’m third-generation Republican.  Second thing is I’m an entrepreneur, and I’ve had a very difficult time with the way Pres. Obama has dealt with small businesses.

MS. BUSH:  I’m concerned about the Affordable Healthcare [sic] Act, because I think it is discriminatory in many respects.  One, you’re taking a significant amount of money from the Medicare to pay for the rest of the Care Act, and that’s going to shortchange our – our seniors in the long run.


MS. AMOORE:  They have to.  We have to.  We need to do better with that.  And I’ll be honest with you.  As far as leadership, I don’t think we do a really good job.  We have to do a much better job.  People get upset with me for saying that, but it’s true!

MR. MONTGOMERY:  The – the bottom line is we’re looking to win the election, and to win this election, we’re going to have to motivate the base.  We’re going to have to get people who agree and know and understand that Mitt Romney is the best candidate to come out and vote for Mitt Romney.  We can’t do much about outreach.  We can’t do much about bringing those numbers up if we don’t have control of the White House.

MS. AMOORE:  We have to do more.  We have to get back out to the Black churches.  We have to knock on folks’ doors.  We have to have the right messenger.  We[’ve] got to make sure that Mitt Romney’s out there, Paul Ryan and other surrogates.  We also have to make sure our local politicians are out there, so that people know that we do care.  We are inclusive.

DR. BUSH:  We can do better and I also say we are doing better, ’cause there are many of us who are grassroot[s] people; who are working, letting the African-Americans know here’s a man of faith.  Here’s a man of family values.  Here’s a man who agrees with many of our conservative values, and we’re being shortsighted if we have all of our eggs in one basket – in the Democratic side.

Whenever there is someone in the White House, there ought to be enough of us that we can go into that through the front door and make our requests known to them, or put in our place so we can put shoulder to shoulder and help them.  We, as African-Americans, need to look at the contrasts and say, “I want that for my children.”


MR. MARTIN:  Some folks may not have wanted to hear from Black Republicans.  I believe it is important that he- — we hear from folks on both sides of the aisle, because – like it or not – you can be cynical, but the reality is we have two parties in power, and we should always be represented.