WATCH: President Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Discuss The Hot-Button Issues (VIDEO)

In separate interviews, the president and his challenger answer questions on topics of critical interest to America’s voters — including the economy and jobs, healthcare, national security and the federal budget. Steve Kroft interviews President Barack Obama, and Scott Pelley interviews Governor Mitt Romney.

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Campaign 2012, part 1

Mitt Romney’s plan to restore America to fiscal health includes less government, entitlement reform, tax cuts – and cooperation with Congress. Scott Pelley reports.

Campaign 2012, part 2

For President Barack Obama, the choice is clear: “Do we keep moving forward and continue to make progress, or do we go backwards to the very policies that got us into this mess in the first place?” Steve Kroft reports.

Campaign 2012, part 3

Mitt Romney talks about the essential qualities of a leader and the lessons he’s learned from history. Also, how does Romney end each day? Scott Pelley reports.

Campaign 2012, part 4

President Barack Obama says that in his vision of America, “everybody’s got a shot,” and hard work and character are valued above all else. Also, how does the president end each day? Steve Kroft reports.