DON’T MISS: Jack & Jill Politics Interview With Roland S. Martin

Source:  J. Christian Watts / Jack & Jill Politics


I spoke to Roland Martin of CNN, TV One Cable Network , and Washington Watch this past Monday. He is rolling out his fourth season of Washington Watch, a show that exists in a differentiated space. In many ways, Washington Watch exists because it fills a void for black discourse.
When I asked him about media diversity, Martin responded, “The lack of diversity [on TV] is atrocious, has been for years and continues to be. What I want is for issues African Americans are concerned about to get the attention they deserve.”

The reason it is important for shows like Washington Watch, voices like Roland Martin, like JJP, like Cheryl Contee and Baratunde Thurston (our founders), to find space and audience is that African American issues are often subsumed by the larger discourses in America.

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