Facebook: Clicks Don’t Matter As Much As Advertisers Think

Source: CNET / CBS News

Facebook, under pressure to show its power as an advertising medium, is urging advertisers to consider the bigger picture instead of measuring success with the number of clicks an ad gets.

The company says that a majority of sales come from people who see, but don’t necessarily click on, online ads that promote campaigns, according to a study done in partnership with Datalogix, which compiles consumer purchasing data from retail stores.

Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s head of measurement and insights, talked about the study — which analyzed nearly 50 digital campaigns — today at an advertising conference in New York. Facebook listed some of those findings in a blog post today.

People who saw Facebook ads but didn’t click on them contributed to 99 percent of sales, according to the blog. Facebook said this is proof that making sure the marketing message is sent to the right customer is more important than clicks.

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