HUFFINGTON POST: Top Adviser Says Obama Debate Strategy Will Be Adjusted

Source:  Sam Stein / The Huffington Post

President Barack Obama’s top campaign adviser pledged Thursday morning that there would be “adjustments” in strategy before Obama faces off against Mitt Romney in the second debate.

But those adjustments won’t be massive, David Axelrod said. Rather, it will be the type of tinkering one would expect from a candidate trying to improve upon his listless, widely panned performance in the first debate Wednesday night.

“It is like the playoffs in sports — you evaluate after every contest and you make adjustments,” Axelrod said in a conference call with reporters. “And I’m sure that we will make adjustments. I don’t see us adding huge amounts of additional prep time. I think … there are some strategic judgments that have to be made and we will make them.”

“I’m sure he will consider his approach moving forward,” Axelrod added. “But I know he is very, very eager for the next debate on the 16th … I think that, again, this was the first chance for the president to see how Governor Romney operates in these debates firsthand, and you have to make some adjustments for the fact that he is a … very artful dodger.”

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