John Sununu Accuses O’Brien Of Defending Obama On Libya: ‘Groupies’ On TV Are ‘Covering His Butt’ (VIDEO)

Source: Mediaite

On Wednesday, Romney surrogate John Sununu and Starting Point host Soledad O’Brien to, essentially, the debate the previous night’s debate.

  • Sununu is an idiot. They’re looking for anything to tarnish this President. No President can stop terrorists attacks from occurring offshore, for one. Did the GOP hold Bush over the fire for 9/11, an attack that occurred on US soil? Two: he did not blame the incident on a video nor did he mention it in the Rose Garden the day after. Romney was politicizing the entire event before full disclosure, making statements before the press that were absolutely untrue and does not apologize for it. He was wrong. He was wrong last night and Sununu is flustered and upset and trying to prove America is weak to get a leg up in this race. We’re not weak. When all those old men that have pulled this country’s strings die off, we’ll all be much better off.

    • highroller2012

      BAM! Whoops there it is! LOL