KitchenAid Apologizes For Tweet Insulting President Obama

Source: CNN

The home appliance brand KitchenAid apologized Wednesday evening for a political tweet sent out from its official account during the presidential debate.

The tweet has been removed but at least a dozen retweets of the post showed it read, “Obamas gma even knew it was going 2 b bad! ‘She died 3 days b4 he became president.'”

The company apologized in a later post from the same account.

“Deepest apologies for an irresponsible tweet that is in no way a representation of the brand’s opinion,” the tweet read in part.

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    This President cannot get a break he either damnned if you do or danned if you don’t.

  • Wow, I guess that’s it for Kitchen Aid for
    MEEEE!!!! I was just about to buy that $300 mixer smh!