Missouri Father Sues School District, Alleging Coach Made Racist Video of Daughter With Monkey Face

Source: Jennifer Abbey / ABC News

A Missouri father is suing his daughter’s school district after her basketball coaches allegedly made a video showing the African-American student with a monkey over her face.

Fred Lane, of Blue Springs, Mo., filed a lawsuit in Jackson County Circuit Court accusing the Blue Springs School District of discrimination. Lane claimed that his daughter, Cloé Lane, was the target of racial discrimination, harassment and retaliation by her basketball coaches, according to the petition filed Oct. 10.

During Cloé’s freshman year at Blue Springs South High School, she was a member of the girls’ basketball team, which was coached by Fawna Harrison and Rachel Donaldson.

In October 2011, Harrison allegedly made a video that depicted Cloé with an orangutan monkey over her face that included monkey sounds in the background, according to the court filing. Cloé, who is currently a sophomore, asked Harrison not to show the video to anyone, but according to the petition, Harrison showed it to others at the school.

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  • TruthofJuly

    It seriously sucks that racism is such a major part of our ongoing issues. Like who does that, without the intent of being ignorant?!? And let me guess, he says “it wasn’t like that”, right? Give me a break, ultimately, we have to face facts, there are us and them, and I don’t mean black and white, but there are the the good nature ones and the evil ones…it’s some wicked things going on, but please believe, no thing or no person will go unpunished!!!

  • How depressing. It just won’t end, will it?